Custom Hats

Things have been a little crazy at the moment, I am sure I am not the only one. The silly season should be changed to crazy pull out your hair stress season. No I am kidding, it not all that bad, maybe just a  little hair pulling…….

I have been sewing up a storm making my nephews and nieces christmas presents and now turning my attention to home made hampers for the adults. Why I do this to myself… I tell myself that I am trying to save money but when you sit down and do all the sums I could have just bought them something at the shops. Nah, thats just not my kinda thing.

Enough of my ramblings, its a joyous time and all my family will love there little gifts. Now what I really wanted to show, after all that, is some custom hats that I was asked to do. They are just so cute.

I am very happy to make any custom orders with only taking a few days to make. I actually have some other great fabric that would be just perfect.

Email me at or send me a comment via blog.

Lastly before I go I wanted to show you how greatit  is to upcycle. These super comfy lounge pants for Jack are made from an old t-shirt (lovely cotten/elastine) which I just the whole length so that I did not have to hem although they where a smidge long so I had to fold up anyway. I also used the sleeves to make pockets on the side, another place to carry his cars. I am really pleased with how they turned out and better still he likes them.

He had a hair cut the other day, my little fella looks all grown up.

I am in the process of making some really lovely cushions for my grandmas 80th which I will post as soon as I have finished. I had a go at reverse applique and really pleased with how they are turning out. Now I just have to finish them.

Till then.


3 thoughts on “Custom Hats

    • Thanks Pam. I do make them in adult size from time to time. As for the pattern, no I am not selling the pattern. I did in the past but I now make and sell online and at markets. If you would like a custom hat that could be arranged if you email me on

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