My christmas sewing is all but finished..

It has been a long slog to get all my nieces and nephews christmas presents finished when made in between custom orders. I sing joyously as all of the presents have been wrapped, stickered and placed under the tree with many days to spare. Amelia particularly liked the process of wrapping up presents, not so much the noise whirring from my machine as she is trying to watch cartoons.

Here is a collage of the handmade gifts that I am sure all the 11 children will like (I hope!)

I really like the reverse applique of the space invaders for my eldest nephew and will be making some to sell after I recover from christmas. My 13 year old rocker niece will love her Boo Bear (I am sure girls that age will get use from a heat pack). Amelia was disgraced to see that we were giving her a pirate bear, ” thats only for boys..” she adamently states stamping her foot.

On another note I have also been making cushion covers for my 80 year grandmother, she loved them.

I had another go at reverse applique, super easy and I tried boxing in the edges to give them a different look. I said if they were not the right colour thats okay because they would look rather nice on my couch. One day I will get around to making some for myself.

I also made some upcycled shorts with matching shirt for my little fella. He is chuffed that the shorts used to be grandpops shirt. These sets will be made by Amber next year and stocked in our Madeit store. We certainly have had a number of comments out and about, soooo cute!

Well I certainly have had a great year with many changes to come in the following year. Thanyou to all that have visited my site and enjoyed the tutorials I have to offer. I think from memory I have had close on 40 thousand people look over the Barbie dress tut, WOW.

Merry Christmas!!!


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