Boo Bear Giveaway!

With the release of the new range of Boo Bear Lupin Heat/cold packs (rrp $35) this season I am offering a giveaway. Just by entering you are in the draw to win one of these gorgeous bears. Your child (or even yourself for that matter) can cuddle up to one of these when they have a tummy ache, or have a little boo boo or just want to keep warm on those cold wintery nights.

From mellebug1

What are these Boo Bears I hear you say, well let me let you in on a little secret. Boo Bears contain Australian Lupin seeds that are by far more superior than traditional wheat. They:

  1. Retain their heat and cold much longer than wheat.
  2. 30%  lighter
  3. Are less allergenic alternative
  4. More resistant to moisture which means you can actually sponge down the bear without fear of the beans swelling

There is nothing like this on the handmade market, making them unique and special. They are well made with double stitching for durability and quality cottons and corduroy used to make them. This product should only be given to children 36mths and over and always check that the bear is not over heated before given to a child.

*Please do not use if allergic to peanuts

So what do you have to do to win one of these cuties?

  • Firstly you need to visit my Facebook page and go to Boo Bear giveaway album.
  • Find a Bear that you love the most and ‘like it’.
  • Come back to my blog and then comment below saying which bear you ‘liked’  and you could win that very one.
  • The competition will run until 6pm WST Sunday 6th March. The winner will be drawn randomly and will be notified by email at 6.15pm. The winners comment must match their ‘like’ in the photo album.
  • Competition open to people with an Australian Residential Address.
  • If you miss out, not to worry. At 6.30pm I will then open the bears up for sale for my first ‘Market Night’. There are couple of each available and all you have to do is write ‘SOLD’ underneath the picture in the album and send me an email to From there I will send you my banking details. The Bears can be shipped worldwide with postage costs dependent on location. Postage within Australia is $6.

These are too cute to pass up and make excellent gifts.


57 thoughts on “Boo Bear Giveaway!

  1. I love Dusty-Rose Bear – she is adorable – would love to win her just for me (now that my daughter has hers – which I’ve already used – I think it’s about time I had one as well lol)!

    • Slight change Erica in the comp. The bear you like is the bear that you can win. I am sure it wont be a bother 🙂

  2. These bears are soooo cute and such a fab idea, love them! The bear I like is the girl Daisy Bear – love the bright colours. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this! xo

  3. Great giveaway! The kids & I decided we like the dino one the best. If we do win, either girl or boy is fine with us. Good luck with the giveaway.

  4. i liked (love) the dusty rose bear, she is beautifull! i would love one of hese for my little one so i might have to check out the market if i dont win.
    or even if i do!
    and for this one i like the boy boo bear

    • Hi Tracy. Slight change in the comp where the one you like is the one that you win. If thou you still want the boy bear that is still fine. Cross fingers that you win!

  5. The Dandelion Bear is my fave!! It’s my daughters fave colour!! Would turn her frown upside down after a boo boo!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Awww! You’re so clever! They are all gorgeous. It was a real toss up between Blossom Bear and Plaid Bear, but in the end I “liked” Plaid Bear the most! Thanks!

  7. Love all the bears and the fact that they’re heat/ cold packs but it was my daughter that loves Daisy bear the most. The picture was on my computer and when she walked in and saw it on the computer screen she gasped and said ‘aawww that’s a bootiful bear mummy’! Thanks for putting up such a great competition!

  8. well this is way too difficult !!
    I liked brown bear then saw the plaid one….emmmmm. If I had to just choose one it would have to be plaid bear….stylish with a hint of 50’s chic….

  9. I liked Dandillion bear BUT I want to buy three..LOL. Her, auto bear and Brown bear, believe it or not they each match my three kids room themes PERFECTLY 😀

  10. I absolutely adore ‘auto bear’ and think he would make an awesome companion for my 6 year old son and his teddy bear best friend ‘Maxi’. These are truly gorgeous, well done 🙂

  11. Hey Bec!!
    God, you are good woman! Love the dusty-rose one (surprised???), but impressed by all of them!

    I was thinking, do you want some arabic fabrics from here so you can use it to make something with? Let me know! They have some pretty awesome fabric here!

    I am so glad you are doing this! I’ve always known you were amazing! See you in 119 days!!

    Lotsa love – L

    • Thanks Hun. Glad you are in the running.
      I wouldnt say no to fabric especially if its different. I work mainly with cottons and happy with most colours. See how you go, no stress! Not tooo long to do now. I see you have started counting the days down.

  12. I would love a chance to win the Disco Bear, I get horrible stomach aches from time to time so a gorgeous heat pack would work a treat! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway and good luck to all the lovely people who’ve entered! xx

  13. Such a hard decision as they are all beautiful!! But Dusty-Rose Bear gets my vote. She is stunning!!! I wouldn’t mind being sick if I could snuggle her!

  14. I ‘liked’ the Dusty-Rose Bear and the Auto Bear
    My girl an boy wold love these , especially my girl as she sees mummy curled up with my heat pack and always wants it hehehe
    The auto bear would go great in my lil mans room as we have aeroplans, cars an boats theme 🙂 blue and red too

  15. I love love love the Dusty-Rose Bear! I have never won anything before and i sure would be RAPT if this was the first thing! Awesome bears and helpfull too…what every girl needs! Super great! Thanks xx

  16. We love the Dusty-Rose Bear! My daughter would like this gorgeous little creature for her new ‘big girls’ bedroom. Well done – they are all way too cute! x

  17. How cute is Auto Bear, Liked him very much!! This would be great for my 3 kids, my little boy is car mad & the girls are crazy about them also!! Would love to win this cute lil bear : )

  18. I really like ‘Dino Bear’, it’s bright & looks comfy. I’m sure my son would love one. They’re a great idea 🙂

  19. I ‘liked’ DAISY BEAR (although they are all gorgeous) she contains the favorite colours of all 3 of my daughters so would be much loved in a girlie house!

  20. I would love to win the Dino Bear for my little boy he is obsessed with Dinosaurs and he would justlove to cuddle up to his own little Dino Bear a night 🙂

  21. They are all just so cute. The patterns and colours are lovely. But with 3 boys, I’ld have to go for the ‘Dino’ bear

  22. What a brilliant idea! I can’t think of anything better for my (nearly) 2 year old to snuggle up to this winter! She turns 2 next Saturday, and blossom bear (in her fav colour, blue) would make a perfect present!

  23. I love Dandilion Bear so very cute!! I think my girls definitely need one of these each, maybe even one for me too 🙂

  24. We liked blossom bear and have 3 little girls who would all like one of these for winter. They are just adorable!

  25. My 6yr old son Angus loved ‘Plaid Bear’ he said that ‘he’s cute, I would like to cuddle him & then he could help with my growing pains’ x

  26. My favourite and my daughters is the Plaid Bear ..she is a plaid lover after watching an episode of wow wow wubbzy lol 🙂

  27. It was a hard choice, but I went with the Disco Bear as I have a boy and a girl and I think that little bear would be best suited for both sexes ❤ Too cute! And an excellent idea! 🙂

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