It has been all systems go at Mellebug HQ but in the last few weeks it has slowed right down. Not at all  complaining though as I have had more time to spend with the wee ones and make things for them. The really wet weather and the dreaded lurgy has kept us all hanging out inside for the last couple of days giving us time to work on Amelias cowgirl costume.

Its her first dress-up day at kindy next week and she is super excited. The theme is a farmer/animal but apparently that also includes cowboy/girl. What ever makes her happy, right? So her idea was Jessie from ToyStory but in her mind her outfit was not pink enough. She wanted pink pink pink. So with a bit of searching on the internett we or should I say she found something she liked and this is what I made.


The vest is a simple pattern that I drew, easy peasy! The bonus is that it is reversible, check on one side and plain pink on the other (remember pink pink). The skirt I confess is not my design. I saw it one day on FB and looooved it. Thought it would look great as a dress up as well as a nice going out skirt. I am really happy with how it turned out, just beautiful. Have to say thou that it took me quite some time to make and she will have a few years wear out of it as I made it a wee big. Oh well! no complaints from miss Amelia. I have been ordered not to alter it. The idea for the skirt came from Freyja Monkey.

The little fella also wanted in on the action and wanted a woody vest. This was the only photo I have before he dripped chocolate all over it.  It has the brown cowhide drill on one side and on the reverse he picked Buzz Lightyear fabric. So he has the best of both when ever he likes. I will endevour to take another picture once cleaned.

From mellebug1

I am off now to make some curtains to hang in doorways to stop the draft and save on heating costs.  Happy Days!!


2 thoughts on “Yeha!

  1. Awww that skirt is just amazing! And you’ve put fringing on there as well – very cowgirl authentic! I love the design, it reminds me a little bit of a lady bird with its wings just opening. Too cute! x

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