Loving the ruffles!

Previous attempts of making any form of clothing for my Mellebug was always shot down some what as I wasnt using the right coloured or even tone of fabric (can you guess what her favourite is??). I think back to my days growing up and yes my mum would make me clothing but I always loved what she made for me, be it orange, blue or pink. Perhaps I was not swayed with so many other choices out there that anything new was exciting. So in order to get the response that I was dearly hoping for I made and will continue to make her clothing from the fabric she chooses. The ‘choice’, it’s clearly embedded in the children today. I remember when learning to be a teacher that the best behaviour management is to give the choice to the student. If you choose to do this, that will happen but if you choose this option that will happen. They then had to deal with the outcome, bad or good as they where the ones that made the choice, not I.  It seems that its a great tool to use even as a parent but I am thinking that  this whole array of choices out there is creating  the new GenY.

Okay back to the topic of hand. RUFFLES!!!!!

I made the skirt from this tutorial with a few modifications. I made it whilst she was sleeping so when she woke there was squeals of delight at finding it all finished. Needless to say she loooves it and will wear it, YES! Stick to pink and skirts and I will get the excited OMG from my precious princess.

Will most definently be making a few more of these as they can be worn year round with the old faithfull leggings. Tis a little cold in Perth at the moment with me needing to wash the ice off the car in the mornings so I can see. My body does not particularly like to cold, numb fingers are not nice. We headed out this morning to get the blood flowing and went across the road to a little bit of paradise. We are luckily enough to live in suburbia and yet have heritage listed bush in front of us, magic. Well until the wattle starts flowering and then its hello claratyne.

 Stay warm people!


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