Party Planning!

3 weeks and counting………..

I love a little organising , whether it be a party or friends for dinner. This time round its my sons third birthday. Its the first time he recognises what a birthday is all about so he is super excited about the upcoming event. Well, his concept of time is not quite there yet so almost every day he asks if its coming soon, poor little bugger.

We are having a Mqueen/Race car theme that is on a wee budget. So research, research, research. What can I do to make it amazing for him which most can be done by me. On my quest I have come across some great websites that offer fab ideas without having to go down the commercial route.

So I have found some checkered fabric to make bunting using this easy tutorial:

bunting tutorial 11

Super cool party food ideas as well as party supplies:

Milky Way Party Cars

Reasonable party supplier from Aus that I purchased from:

Black And White Checkered Flag Racing Car Balloons

They stock cool build your own race car and car deck of cards.

Do it yourself party favours:


all crafts 30 Do It Yourself Favor Tutorials  {party pieces}

Jol 12

Thinking you can just change the picture to a car.

Racing car birthday party ideas:

Loved these ideas:

birthday wreath

Lastly party games:

 Sock fishing game.

Bean Bag Toss

Make A Bean Bag Toss Game Craft

Will continue to search for more games.


3 thoughts on “Party Planning!

  1. Looks beautiful and such great ideas!! Can’t wait to do boy parties, very different from girls ones! Hope your little man enjoys his day I would be very excited too if I was getting a party like this – you are such a clever mummy xx

    • Thanks. Not sure what I am going to use as yet, all intentions good but will have to wait and see what time permits. Hence starting early. Will have follow up pictures of what the outcome is. I think I am more excited than he is.

  2. Those milky way cars are amazing, what a cute idea! Almost tempted to make them for myself…

    Have fun organising the party, and i’m looking forward to seeing pictures of it after! I cant wait til I get a chance to plan birthday parties – so much fun!! x x

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