Pretty party dress.

I havent made a great deal of clothing for Miss A over the years as she never seemed to like my fabric choice or had so many hand-me-downs that I didnt bother.  Now with less in the cupboard and with her approval of fabric I have started to make more.

This pattern was bought over a year ago now and has been sitting there just wanting to be made. With impending birthday parties coming up and a lull in Mellebug makings I decided to give it a go.

A pretty simple pattern to make which is good because sometimes I find patterns can be sooo confusing. They expect you to understand a complex step with one crappy picture and a few lines. It also looks like its a wrap dress but infact it is fixed at the front and has a zip at the back. Wouldnt mind altering it slightly so that it is a wrap, not fussed on putting in zips.

 So glad I made it as she looooves it. The only problem is that it turned out a wee short for her long legs, she said ” nevermind mum, I will wear it with leggings”. I could unpick the hem and add a length of fabric used for the sash but instead I will make another one just because.

Didnt get a chance to photograph it on its own. She divided on it first thing this morning and wont take it off.

Cute, Cute, Cute..


3 thoughts on “Pretty party dress.

  1. It’s super cute Bec. I’m so happy she’ll wear it!! I love the faux wrap look & the little flutter sleeves are really cute. We’ll be looking forward to that hand-me-down 😉

  2. I love that style of capped sleeve. That’s a really cute dress…! She looks pretty impressed with your skills!

    So it’s the middle of winter there and yet it looks warmer there than here…?! Our summer isn’t working out too well this year…

    B x

    • Hey B,
      Our winter is never as cold as the UK, you will really notice the difference when you move here. Amelias internal thermometer is set on high so you are hard pressed to get her to wear a jumper. Today after the photos she did put her trusty cardi on but she just looves wearing dresses that she will wear them rain, hail or shine. I was set on making her another one but she found a different pattern and adament that thats the next dress made. Happy sewing chicky! Loving what you have been making. Who are the lucky wee ones to be receiving your talents?

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