Upcycled Lounge Pants Tutorial

I started making these last year for my wee man. They are perfect light weight pants that can be used as pj’s, around the house pants or even going out pants. They can also be made in under 30 mins.

I love the concept of taking something unused and bringing back to life in a different form. I also really enjoy scouring my way through thrift stores. It is my time out as you really have to take your time and look. Bliss! My other half knows  when I say that I am off to Good Sammies that I am gone for a good 2 hours.

So here is the tutorial that I put together for you. I have tried to keep it simple but if you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me.

Upcycled Lounge Pants Tutorial

Another version using a mans button-up shirt. I just sewed up the edge of buttons to stop gapping.


3 thoughts on “Upcycled Lounge Pants Tutorial

  1. I LOVE the men’s shirt turned into pants. What a fabulous idea! I love refashioning garments to something new. I’ve done t-shirts to pants several times and wondered what I could do with men’s dress shirts. Yay!

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