Happy Birthday Jack!

Yes my wee man has turned 3!

We had a fantastic day with all of our family and even better the rain did not make an appearance. The day went off without a hitch, plenty of food and the most important thing is that all the kids went home smiling. My 5yr old cousin said that was the best party ever, mwah!

It was planned as a morning tea come lunch event with finger food made by myself, my mum and grandma. I think to ease the stress of feeding many people you must enlist some helpers. As it was a car themed party I made the milky way cars, traffic light biscuits, traffic light jelly cups and the car cake. Took the easy option this year and bought an icing decal, he loved it.


As for the decorations I made some racing flag bunting and put up a Lightening Mcqueen panel I had picked up a few years ago that was too cheap to not. I purchased some racing flag napkins, toothpicks and ballons. Not too much but enough.






I planned some party games for the kids which we played one after the other. I also made it so that that all the kids received a prize for each game and they were to put this into their decorated party bags to take home. Everyone won.

 To start with they decorated their own party bag using stickers, textas and brown paper bags. I big hit with the girls (especially precious Tilly).

We then played pass the parcel followed by a treasure hunt were they had to find a lolly bag each.

 Then they played bean bag toss using the bean bags I made for both Amelia and Jack. Tried making it into a ball shape but not all that impressed with the finish. I did however come up with a colour square one that I may put together as a pack to sell, maybe. All they had to go is see how many they could throw in. Easy! For their efforts they each received a wooden penny whistle I purchased off ebay.

The last game was just musical statues where they all just danced and stopped. No one was eliminated, did not want to see sad faces. They each got a stick of sidewalk chalk and all went off to draw on the driveway.

Lastly they all enjoyed running around popping bubbles as the bubble machine worked its magic. I great addition to any childs party.

I am truly blessed to have a wonderful family.



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jack!

  1. what a great birthday party wish i was there lol bec you never seem to surprise me you are most defiantly the most creative person i no. YOU ARE SUPER CRAFTY ARTY MUM and Happy birthday jack love tammy and shelby

    • Thanks Tammy! My sister in-law calls me Martha, as in Martha Stewart. Now all I need to do is go to jail for obstruction justice and then I might change my name, lol.

  2. Looks like a wonderful day was had by all!! Some awesome ideas in there – I can’t wait to do a ‘boy’ party. Hope your little man had a very special day xx

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