Loving the Lemon

Its all about lemons for me at the moment. After a long anticipated wait for the fruit on my lemon tree to ripen I can now go citrus crazy.  I have been cooking up a storm, from lemon meringue pie, lemon delicious, lemon muffins, lemonade and just today lemon butter.

To carry on the theme of the sweet and sour taste of the lemon I had a little search around for whats cooking in the handmade world and a tutorial for making felt lemon. I also included my two favourite recipes.Handmade Lemon Slice Polymer Clay Hair Pin (click on the photo for the link)

When Life Hands You Lemons - Tea Towel


Perfect Lemonade

Lemon Felt

The tea towel reminds me of my good friend who loves to indulge in a little G&T, I on the other hand prefers the G without the T,lol. Perhaps G and handmade lemonade?

Thinking I might each week have a new “loving the….”, searching out a few handmade wears, a little tutorial or perhaps a little recipe or two. So stay tuned for next sunday when I am thinking this might be the week for “loving the apple”. I have got 5 kilos of grannies that I am going to dehydrate, yum.


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