Do I smell the starting of spring?

We are getting so close to spring I can smell it. My garden is awash with beautiful flowers and my favourite of all the freesia. The scent is just gorgeous as it wafts into my house, love it. 

As much as I love spring with all the beautiful flowers and sunshine I also get allergies from the masses of whattle flowering in the bush across the road. With the thought of a runny nose and itchy eyes I thought I would make up a new product for mellebug to sell, the Relax… eye mask. I used it the other day for a headache and it was glorious. Continuing on with using the lupin seed as my filling I am now selling these cuties at my madeit store and on FB.

I had seen the idea for the glasses on a spectacle case and thought it would be super cute used on a mask. I added a touch bling using vintage buttons from my grandma’s stash.

I have got another product sitting on my ironing board waiting to be finished, not enough hours in the day.


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