‘Loving the apple’

Yummy crunchy juicey apples. What is not to love about apples? They are not only great to cook with they also make super cute handmade wears that can be worn, played with or lathered on our skin.

These are but a few Aussie apple-made, too cute!

Boutique Creations on Madeit

Ribryba on Madeit

Sniff This on Madeit

Birch Seed on Madeit. Cute cute cute apple print.

I just purchased (must have been the last bottle) of their Sniff this Rose and Apple body wash. The kids and I are looking forward to its arrival. Why not spend that wee bit more and know that you are not lathering your kids in ugly parabens, SLS’s, colours and synthetic perfumes.

Why not put your hand to a little crochet and whip this super cute apple cosy. The tutorial is available at Molliemakes (a fabulous british handmade magazaine oozing with gorgeousness which you can pick up here in Aus)

Molliemakes apple cover tutorial

What about a few yummies to dream about whilst making your apple covers. Theres apple pie, apple crumble, toffee apples, apple jam,apple tart, apple struedal, apple everything. Whats your favourite apple dish??? Our families would have to be apple crumble, a quick and easy dessert that goes great with vanilla icecream, oh I am drooling as I type. Crumble is also a great way to hide some LSA or flaxseeds without the wee ones knowning, delcious and healthy, gotta love.

I also love dehydrated apples that have been dipped in lemon juice. Making it at home taste that much better than the stores and the added bonus is that it is completely preservative free.

Here is whats left of 5kg’s of apples, lol, not quite the same volume but oh so delicious. It takes about 4 hours. I have put a link on my photo below of the brand of dehydrator I have.

Dehydrated Apples

Well that was an easy “loving the…” post. Perhaps I will make it a little more challenging next week. Till then happy sewing, crafting, shopping and cooking!!


2 thoughts on “‘Loving the apple’

  1. I love an apple too. I can’t believe you posted the link the gorgeous MollyMakes apple cosy. Do you remember mine that turned out more like a pumpkin cosy!! It sure teaches me to read instructions more closely.

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