Loving the Hat….

This week for me I have had my head down sewing up a storm making my new summer hat range. I was in heaven cutting up all this lovely fabric I puchased early on in the year just waiting to be turned into hats.

I made my hat pattern around 4 years ago now and I have to say it has come along way since then. It was made more so to make for my kids as I loved the style and functionality of the adjustable flap but the more I made to more people like and so it is what it is today. Still new and small in the handmade world but enough to keep me busy whilst caring for my wee ones.

There are many other talented WAHMS out there making beautiful childrens hats. The ones I admire the most would have to be Winnie and Clem who make gorgeous boys caps and Swing Designs with their fab Mummy Swirl hat.

Mellebug on Facebook and soon to be added to my Madeit Store

Image of Boys Will Be Boys Charlie Cap - Brown

Winnie and Clem

Swing Designs on madeit

If you are after having a go at making your own hat I found this neat bucket hat tutorial by sew-much-ado. All handmade hats are a little time consuming but are well worth the results, very cute.
Bucket Hat Tutorial
Or this one from Mushroom Village: Eddie and the cap Tutorial 
Eddie and the Cap
Hmmm now to the recipe section of these posts, what to do! As usual I type in google and see what comes up in images. The picture below caught my eye. I have purchased a few Japanese craft books over the years and they come up with some very unique and funky patterns. Love to look more at this book.

Then I saw this one. Yum. I have a weakness for cupcakes.

Sugar Swings Cat in the hat cupcakes

As the saying in Aus goes ‘Slip on a shirt, Slop on some sunscreen and Slap on a hat’.

Take care this summer people and cover up and then finish with some yummy hat cupcakes.

Till next week……..


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