Mumma wants a new camera.

A great picture sells. I even notice myself when perusing through the handmade wares being drawn to the pictures that pop as opposed to the ones that flop.

Hence my need (or I should rather say want) for a new camera. My good ol point and shoot just does not cut the mustard. I have to take several photos just to get a half decent one and then try and fix it more in photoshop. My desire was then further strengthened when my brother inlaw lent me his Nokia d7000 for a couple of days when he was visiting from Japan. Oh my goodness, what a difference, what a joy, what a lot of money!!!

Here are a couple of snaps that I took. All I had to do was literally point, auto focus and shoot.

It was a very sad affair when I had to reluctantly return the camera, boo hoo.

The Nokia D7000 is certainly a great camera in more ways than one but at over a grand it is not really an option to get. Alas there are smaller models that are more within reach that will still take photos far better than the camera I currently own. The Nokia D5100 is the one that is on my wish list (or secretly hoping that it will be a combined christmas/birthday present as I am unfortunate to be born straight after christmas)


Then to go with this super duper camera I would most definently have to make myself a funky camera strap using the tutorial below

Camera Strap Tutorial
Camera Strap Tutorial

I have to say that I know little to none about the finer details of what a camera can do or really what makes one model better than the other. They say in the end its how much you want to spend determines which one you buy.

Santa I have been a really good girl this year…………

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