Loving the chair!

To be precise I am loving the trail chair or in my case its Beach/Park chair.

A good friend of mine has a set of these chairs and after testing one out many moons ago I knew I wanted to have some. It wasnt until after sitting uncomfortably at the park and beach too many times that I decided I am having one now!!!!. To my surprise Aussies have yet to cotton on to how great this chair is and had to search in Canada to buy it.

Lucky for me LL Bean shipped to Australia, relief.

So for the past week I have sat oh so comfy in my little beach/park chair reading my book and watching the kids play. I cant rave enough about it, it is fracking awesome.

Its flat, light and at the kids level when they sit with you.

Enough said I think, except I should have bought two.

I doubt I can replicate for outdoor use but I found some super cute indoor chair inspired tutorials.

Floor cushion tutorial

 I little bit of gorgeousness for your tooshie.

Chair cushion tutorial

If only my babes where small again, I would definently make this.

Travel High chair Tutorial (click on pic).
Chairs are an important part of daily life so its important that our kaboose has something soft and squishy to sit on at the end of the day.
These go on my wish list!

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