Summer lovin.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful in the evenings making it perfect  for beaching/fishing/relaxing. Also a perfect opportunity to have a play with my new camera and the different settings.

 Oh my goodness there are so many things you have to do to get that great shot and the manual was just appalling when it came to explaining things. So I went to the library the other day to get a book in photography and was stunned to find a book just for my camera, score. Its so worth a look into whether there is a book out there for your camera model. So far it has really helped.

Free Download Nikon D5100: From Snapshots to Great Shots PDF Ebook

Now how is everyones DIY christmas decorations coming along. December the 1st is only days away and for us that is the day we set up the tree and adorn the house with splashes of reds, whites and greens. I finally finished my scrappy fabric wreath which I looooove.  I only bought a small fat quarter of candy cane fabric and the rest is all the scraps from my hats. Thats recycling.Now where to put it?? Our front door is exposed to the elements so it may be placed on the back instead.

Aside from christmas decorations I have been flat tack making my Yummy Mummy hats. I had a a little advertising on and they sold out within minutes. Yeehaa for the sales, gulp for having to finish sewing them up. Now with them all sewn and posted I have to restock the shop. Keep your eyes peeled as they will be hitting my madeit store in the next couple of days.


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