Lunch box ideas

With my daughter starting full time school this year me thinks I will have to be a little more organised with planning her lunch box. The main aim is to keep it healthy and no packets. You have more control over what enters your childs body if you make most* of what goes into their lunch box. It seams that a lot of foods targeted at children i.e yoghurts, muesli bars, cheese packs, crisps are all heavily laden in sugar, fats, salts and preservatives/additives. I was told a few years back that if it has a cartoon character on the packet dont buy it, too true.

One way to check is to quickly glance at the nutrition panel per 100g  on the packet. This column is what you use to compare with other products. So products that have:

  • less than 5g fat per 100g
  • less than 10g sugar per 100g
  • less than 120mg of salt per 100g
  • more than 3g of fibre

Are perfect for kids.

Now in my travels scouring the isles in the store there are little products that have all of these going for it. So in the end use your judgment and compare products to find one with the least amount or think about making it yourself. Cooking it yourself you can see how much fat, sugar and salt you are adding and best of all no ADDITIVES and PRESERVATIVES. Find recipes that freeze well and make things in bulk, make up extra vegies at dinner time and set some aside to puree (i.e. pumpkin, carrot, spinach). These are great to add to loaf cakes or muffins.

So with all that said I have found a get list of lunch box ideas that are grouped into categories.

This website has some great recipes.

A really fantastic planner for the week. I really like how it has a ‘what to prep on sunday box’ (click on pic for link).





The above planner does not allow you to wipe the writing to make up your own planner. So here is my version  Lunch Box Planner

Great ways of making your kids lunches exciting from Lunch Boxes with Love.

So my plan is to print out the list, cross out ones I know the kids wont eat and add some others,  think about how well it will freeze to make stocks up and print out some of the planners. Lets cross fingers I can stick to the plan.

In the coming weeks I will add my favourite recipes and if you have any ones put a comment below with a link and I will added it to the page.


2 thoughts on “Lunch box ideas

  1. Rebecca that is a awesome idea you have here. When you are next in the supermarket try looking at the wheat/gluten/dairy free products. Although more expensive they are generally additive free because they are maufactured for people with allergies.

    • Thanks Yvette. I think in the end home cooking is the way to go and shop bought items are purely treats. I have found that even some of the health food products are not that healthy at all when you look straight at the fat or sugar or salt levels. I heard the other day a saying that says ‘If your grandmother can read the ingrediant list then it is good for you’.

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