Caring for your Boo Bear/Lupin products.

Last winter I introduced the Boo Bear Lupin Heatpacks. Cute bears that are perfect to keep warm with at night or to soothe a sore tummy. They are all handmade with double stitching to prevent leakage and are made using 100% Western Australian Lupins.

 Lupins are a wonderful alternative to using wheat or rice in heat or cold packs.


  • Can be quickly heated in the microwave
  • Can be placed in the freezer to be used as a cold pack.
  • Very little odour.
  • 30% lighter than wheat heat bags / packs..
  • Less allergenic than its counterpart wheat (* exception for those allergic to peanuts).
  • Not treated with chemicals or fungicides.
  • Heat is Longer lasting that traditional wheat bags.
  • Lastly it is more resistant to moisture then wheat allowing it to be cleaned more readily.

* Lupins come from the same family as the peanut and is advised not to be used by those suffering from peanut allergies.

How to keep your Lupin Heat/Cold pack clean.

If your Heatpack is slightly soiled then a quick sponge with  luke warm water to remove and then to hang up to dry as soon as possible. When cover is dry, rub lupin bag briskly between your hands to ensure grains are dry.

If your heatpack is in need of really good clean then you can immerse the pack in warm soapy water and scrub gently with your hands. Rinse and then squeeze out excess water or alternatively put it in a spin cycle of your washing machine. Then immediately put out into the sun (make sure that its a hot day).

I place my bears on the shadecloth out the back and every now and then turn it over and rustle the beans around to ensure that is all gets dry.

An alternative to hanging outside is too place in a conventional oven on very low temp with the door ajar.

To finish I think it is important to note not to overheat your packs especially when used by a child. Please check the temperature before giving it to your child to ensure no burns.


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