Its that time of year again (well almost)

Winter is slowly approaching here in Perth, Australia. For some reason though the weather has reverted back to above 30, an annoyance as I dearly like to get to wearing my jeans and winter woolies. I have pulled everthing out of storage, clothes, doonas, snuggly flannel sheets and also started making the next season of lupin heatpacks and cold packs.

This time round I decided to do things a little differently. I thought I would make ‘ranges’ of different fabric combination that included the Boo Bears, rectangular heatpacks and cute wee cold packs that are stored in the freezer all ready to be pulled out to soothe a sore bump. You can buy matching heat and cold packs, perfect presents for that special little person in your life and also for yourself. Thats right, these cuties are not exclusive to the kids, adults alike have enjoyed the warmth of these lupin heatpacks.

They are all available from my Madeit Store and Etsy Store. Due to the bags containing seeds I cant send overseas, although I can send unfilled.

The first fabric collection I worked on is from ‘Meet the Gang’. I am in love with this fabric as it lends itself to be perfect for both girls and boys.

The new cold packs that I have made are the right size to fit into wee hands. They also have a removable cover that can be machine washed, perfect to clean any little blood that comes often with scrapes and bonks. Having two babes myself we are forever getting the cold packs out and it really helps with clearing up the tears quicker. Due to being made using the seeds they do not go super cold which means that you can place straight onto skin.

This set was quickly followed by:

The Bears are perfect to take to bed with or to soothe a sore tummy. I have yet to hear of any child receiving one of these cuties and not loving them so. My daughter sleeps with hers all year round, heated or not.

I am sure that as the chill sets in more of these ‘ranges’ will be popping up. I only make 4 of each bear so there are limited amounts available. If you would like a little more info on the benefits of using lupins over wheat head here.

Till next time……stay warm.


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