Rose Melting Moments.

I love melting moments, an ultimate indulgence. So buttery with a hint of sweetness.

For todays little bake session I decided to add a little twist and add rosewater and oh my! they taste yummo.

As always the kids are in helping out, their piping skills are a little poor but they lacquered on some tasty icing. I couldnt help having a lots of little tastes on the way.

One of the funniest bits about making these morsels is the vintage rosewater that still exists in my mothers pantry. I remember this bottle being in the cupboard when I was very young. Age doesnt matter in this case as it is still packed with the delicious rose flavour.

I had to take a photo of the existing price tag on the bottle. I wonder how much a bottle of this cost now as I am so getting some to have at my place.

So what do you do to add that little spark to your next melting moments. Get yourself the recipe (mine came from the old Womens Weekly biscuits and slices book), add  3 tsp of good rosewater to the biscuit batter and a tsp to the icing. I also adding pink colouring.

As for the tasty treats above I am sure the lucky birthday girl who will be getting these tmrw will enjoy them thoroughly.

Happy baking people!


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