A wonderful review on a Boo Bear

Reviews and feedback in any shape or form are an essential element to selling products online. They help the buyers choose whether the items are worth buying and it also helps the makers to make adjustments/improvements to have that quality in their work and it also gives them a sense of worth in their work. Thats right we all like a bit of credit for what we do and we also like to know that what we are creating is special.

I have been given the opportunity to have a review done by a great childrens website Kid Independent on one of my Boo Bears. Always a relief in gettin postive feedback, phew!

Designer of the Week

Head on over and take a squiz. It may also give you a little insight into what Mellebug is all about.

On another Boo Bear note I am having a MARKET NIGHT over on my FB page this Sunday 24th June 2012 7.30pm WST (Perth, Australia). I am releasing the last 8 bears (4 of each) of the season at special FB prices as there are no listing fees. I will also have other winter stock reduced to make way for the next wave of Mellebug Hats. I will be adding the bears as I make them.

A great chance to pick up a bargain.


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