Contact stencil tutorial

Not sure why I didn’t twig onto this craft years ago but I am sure making up for it now. No plain shirt is left in my house and I am about to print shirts for all my family this christmas.
Right let’s get started.
Shirt or fabric
Contact paper ( clear or coloured)
Fabric paint (I use permaset)
Cutting device, blade
Cutting mat

Print out your design onto paper, here is the link to the bunny I am using. The design needs to apply to stencilling and less detail works better with this method. Cut out your contact so that there is a generous amount around the design.

Place the contact over your design, paper side up. Trace your design onto the contact. The shaded areas are what I will be cutting out.

Using a blade and a mat, cut out the shaded areas of your design. Easier to start in the middle and work your way out.

This design has two parts, the outer silhouette and the middle part. Discard the shaded cut out part.
Prepare your shirt and line up where you want the design to go. Peel off the paper from the outer silhouette and stick into place on shirt. Rearrange if needed till it’s right.

Take the middle part of the design and stick in place.

Before you begin to paint put a piece of paper under the print so that the paint doesn’t seep through to the other side.
Paint away and leave to dry.

When dry, peel off the contact. If there are any blurry edges you can just touch up with fine paint brush.
For the fabric paint I am using I have to heat set it. Check your paint for instructions.
You can use your stencil a few times until it looses it’s stick.

Other little bits to add:
* Don’t make design to complicated, it will stick to each other terribly when trying to position. Simple works best here.
* If you get paint on your shirt where it shouldn’t be, leave it to dry and then wipe off. You will only smear it when wet and make a bigger mess.
* coloured contact may be better particularly if you are using lots of cut outs in your design.
* Sharp blades work better, a given.
Hmmm what else………
Have FUN!!!!!



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