Loving the chair!

To be precise I am loving the trail chair or in my case its Beach/Park chair.

A good friend of mine has a set of these chairs and after testing one out many moons ago I knew I wanted to have some. It wasnt until after sitting uncomfortably at the park and beach too many times that I decided I am having one now!!!!. To my surprise Aussies have yet to cotton on to how great this chair is and had to search in Canada to buy it.

Lucky for me LL Bean shipped to Australia, relief.

So for the past week I have sat oh so comfy in my little beach/park chair reading my book and watching the kids play. I cant rave enough about it, it is fracking awesome.

Its flat, light and at the kids level when they sit with you.

Enough said I think, except I should have bought two.

I doubt I can replicate for outdoor use but I found some super cute indoor chair inspired tutorials.

Floor cushion tutorial

 I little bit of gorgeousness for your tooshie.

Chair cushion tutorial

If only my babes where small again, I would definently make this.

Travel High chair Tutorial (click on pic).
Chairs are an important part of daily life so its important that our kaboose has something soft and squishy to sit on at the end of the day.
These go on my wish list!

Loving the Hat….

This week for me I have had my head down sewing up a storm making my new summer hat range. I was in heaven cutting up all this lovely fabric I puchased early on in the year just waiting to be turned into hats.

I made my hat pattern around 4 years ago now and I have to say it has come along way since then. It was made more so to make for my kids as I loved the style and functionality of the adjustable flap but the more I made to more people like and so it is what it is today. Still new and small in the handmade world but enough to keep me busy whilst caring for my wee ones.

There are many other talented WAHMS out there making beautiful childrens hats. The ones I admire the most would have to be Winnie and Clem who make gorgeous boys caps and Swing Designs with their fab Mummy Swirl hat.

Mellebug on Facebook and soon to be added to my Madeit Store

Image of Boys Will Be Boys Charlie Cap - Brown

Winnie and Clem

Swing Designs on madeit

If you are after having a go at making your own hat I found this neat bucket hat tutorial by sew-much-ado. All handmade hats are a little time consuming but are well worth the results, very cute.
Bucket Hat Tutorial
Or this one from Mushroom Village: Eddie and the cap Tutorial 
Eddie and the Cap
Hmmm now to the recipe section of these posts, what to do! As usual I type in google and see what comes up in images. The picture below caught my eye. I have purchased a few Japanese craft books over the years and they come up with some very unique and funky patterns. Love to look more at this book.

Then I saw this one. Yum. I have a weakness for cupcakes.

Sugar Swings Cat in the hat cupcakes

As the saying in Aus goes ‘Slip on a shirt, Slop on some sunscreen and Slap on a hat’.

Take care this summer people and cover up and then finish with some yummy hat cupcakes.

Till next week……..

Loving the book

I have found my love of reading books again after a long break. I used to read quite a bit before I had my wee ones but stopped due to sleep deprivation. In saying that though I can spend many hours in the evening reading. I have just swapped lack of sleep from my kids to books, lol.

There are so many book related crafts out there that it was really hard to choose which ones I liked the most. 

Bookmark by Little Peanut on Madeit

Bookmark by Little Peanut on Madeit

Cross stitched notebook cover by Plushka on Madeit

Childrens Picture Book by Kathy Panton on Madeit

I found two great book related tutorials. I would really love to make the needlebook, thinking perfect for chrissy presents. Then there is the Book page wreath tutorial (click on pic to get the tut) which looks sooooo cool.
Selvedge Needlebook
Book page wreath tutorial


To keep with the recipe theme on ‘loving the…’ posts I have included my two cookbooks that I could not do without. They are my old and faithfull that show years of cooking from two generations. What is your favourite cookbook??

I find television to be very educating.  Every time somebody turns on the set, I go in the other room and read a book.  ~Groucho Marx

Read away people!

Till next week. What will be the next ‘Loving the…..’

‘Loving the apple’

Yummy crunchy juicey apples. What is not to love about apples? They are not only great to cook with they also make super cute handmade wears that can be worn, played with or lathered on our skin.

These are but a few Aussie apple-made, too cute!

Boutique Creations on Madeit

Ribryba on Madeit

Sniff This on Madeit

Birch Seed on Madeit. Cute cute cute apple print.

I just purchased (must have been the last bottle) of their Sniff this Rose and Apple body wash. The kids and I are looking forward to its arrival. Why not spend that wee bit more and know that you are not lathering your kids in ugly parabens, SLS’s, colours and synthetic perfumes.

Why not put your hand to a little crochet and whip this super cute apple cosy. The tutorial is available at Molliemakes (a fabulous british handmade magazaine oozing with gorgeousness which you can pick up here in Aus)

Molliemakes apple cover tutorial

What about a few yummies to dream about whilst making your apple covers. Theres apple pie, apple crumble, toffee apples, apple jam,apple tart, apple struedal, apple everything. Whats your favourite apple dish??? Our families would have to be apple crumble, a quick and easy dessert that goes great with vanilla icecream, oh I am drooling as I type. Crumble is also a great way to hide some LSA or flaxseeds without the wee ones knowning, delcious and healthy, gotta love.

I also love dehydrated apples that have been dipped in lemon juice. Making it at home taste that much better than the stores and the added bonus is that it is completely preservative free.

Here is whats left of 5kg’s of apples, lol, not quite the same volume but oh so delicious. It takes about 4 hours. I have put a link on my photo below of the brand of dehydrator I have.

Dehydrated Apples

Well that was an easy “loving the…” post. Perhaps I will make it a little more challenging next week. Till then happy sewing, crafting, shopping and cooking!!

Loving the Lemon

Its all about lemons for me at the moment. After a long anticipated wait for the fruit on my lemon tree to ripen I can now go citrus crazy.  I have been cooking up a storm, from lemon meringue pie, lemon delicious, lemon muffins, lemonade and just today lemon butter.

To carry on the theme of the sweet and sour taste of the lemon I had a little search around for whats cooking in the handmade world and a tutorial for making felt lemon. I also included my two favourite recipes.Handmade Lemon Slice Polymer Clay Hair Pin (click on the photo for the link)

When Life Hands You Lemons - Tea Towel


Perfect Lemonade

Lemon Felt

The tea towel reminds me of my good friend who loves to indulge in a little G&T, I on the other hand prefers the G without the T,lol. Perhaps G and handmade lemonade?

Thinking I might each week have a new “loving the….”, searching out a few handmade wears, a little tutorial or perhaps a little recipe or two. So stay tuned for next sunday when I am thinking this might be the week for “loving the apple”. I have got 5 kilos of grannies that I am going to dehydrate, yum.