New PATTERNS for Mellebug

It has been a little long inbetween blog posts but that is life at the moment. There is only so much time I will spend on the computer these days and unfortunately maintaining the blog is at the bottom of the list.

This year has been full of designing and creating patterns to add to my etsy store. This has been a fun change to what I was doing. With the success of the Wristlet Clutch I had to continue on with clutch theme. This lead to the Deco Clutch Pattern.

I just love the pleat detail and the scalloping at the front. Finish it off with a funky vintage button and its a perfect accessory to take out.

Then came the Haru Clutch. The biggest of the clutch patterns I have on offer with a boxed in bottom. It also has a pleated detail on the front and back and the little wristlet to help carry it.

To mix it up a little and the want to use some gorgeous drill out at the moment I  had a go at making a funky little handbag. The Soho Handbag Pattern was born.

This bag fits all your daily essentials, even my large glass case. The pretty detail of bias tape on the front makes into something unique and funky.

My little miss saw the bags I was making and asked ever so politely “I WANT ONE TOOOOO”. I thought that this would actually be a great combination to offer, a mummy and daughter bag pattern oh and the fact that I like making things for my children too (LOL).

Little Miss Soho Handbag was created. This one is a little different to the adult version as it is reversible so in fact they get two bags in one. This pattern is available as a two in one pattern deal for only $8 AUD.

All the patterns that I offer are full of photographs (most over 50) and detailed instructions to help the sewer along the way. This makes them perfect projects for beginner sewers. For more details on dimensions and other photos please swing by my etsy store for a look see.

Whats in store next?? I havent figured that one out yet. I may actually start the process of turning my reversible/adjustable hats into a PDF version for you all to make your own. Hmmm decisions.

See you in the next 6mths with an update.


Rebecca x


Fabric Flower.

With one day to go to a friend’s wedding I thought I should perhaps put a little colour into my outfit. I liked the idea of putting something in my hair but where to start. Google images. It is the place I go to for inspiration on a desired project. I suppose it is a bit like pinterest but I have yet to delve into yet another cyber outlet that can otherwise consume more of my time.

Anyways in my trawling through the photos I came across this tutorial on a flower collar by Katiedid. Very cute indeed.

I turned this great idea into a hair clip.

I ended up using light weight jersey, put a circle of felt on the reverse with a hair clip to attach. I am also thinking of adding a brooch pin. 

I am really pleased with how it turned out. As I had left it to the last minute to make I needed to make it right first time. In the end the wedding was beautiful and I wish the happy couple all the best in the future.


Something for the mums

As usual everything revolves around the children and very little is given back to the mums. That is why I have started making some simple shoulder bags that are the absolute perfect size to put all your things in and is small enough to throw over your neck (like a messenger bag) and have two hands free. I made myself one many moons ago now and in real need of replacing but… like I was saying about the last to be spoilt. Anyway, a friend asked me to make another and then another friend liked it and asked and so forth.

I can make in any colour for the inside and out and put a neat little pocket on the  inside to hold your keys and mobile phone, no more rummaging.

I sell these for $25 and at the moment making upon request.