Mellebug and me

So here is a little blurb about me (Bec).

They say time flies. It has been nearly five years since I set up this blog and I am really happy that I am still sewing, creating and crafting. It really has become my little hobby and an outlet from the life of raising two adorable children. I am still a full time mum and loving it.

The name “Mellebug” comes from the nickname I gave to my Amelia when she was born. She is now lovingly called ‘bug’.  Mellebug was my inspiration to make things and to share also, with a few tutorials on how too’s freely available. 

Only in the last six months did Mellebug take a bold leap to start selling some wares ranging from my adjustable/reversible childrens hats, costumes and just recently Boo Bear Lupin Heatpacks. These can be found on my FB page and also in my Madeit store.


7 thoughts on “Mellebug and me

  1. Hi there,

    No need to appologise for the delay – I know how that is!!
    Anyway here is my e-mail address, drop me a line, that is the easiest way to catch me, most days I get a chance to log on (I say most, the last few have been a bit full on).
    I’ve also sent you a seperate post with mums e-mail so you can pass that onto your mum. Mum is working pt at the moment and will check e-mail at work.
    Talk to you soon

    p.s. there is some great things on here that you have made. . . I think I am going to have to use the lined sleeping bag tutorial and get cracking!!

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  3. Pingback: Thread Catcher Tutorial « my half of the brain

  4. Hi,

    I recently visited your blog when I was searching for Thread catcher tutorial.

    I really wanted to Thank you for the lovely tutorial.
    I just made two of them.

    I wanted to find out if it is ok to post your link in my blog as a reference.

    Just a few days ago I started a sewing blog ( Please do check my blog. 🙂

  5. Good Morning. Please let me know if I can send you an email regarding your thread catcher without my note being published. Thank you, Julia

  6. HI BECCCYY!!!!
    how are you? its great to see my georgus cousins and my BEAUTIFUL aunty.
    good to see that you are still sewing!
    say hellow to the family for me mum wants to talk about your creations!! email me for contact details!

  7. Thanks soooo much for the barbie doll dress pattern. My 4 yr. old granddaughter’s birthday is in a week and she had put in an “order” for barbie doll clothes.
    When her mother was young, I made a whole box full of clothes and she told her daughter about all the pretty dresses that were one of a kind, made by me.
    Years have gone and I forgot just how I did it. I did make two gowns, easy enough, fit and sew as I went. However that short dress was so pretty and such a cinch to make, I made two, last night! Really, I’ll adapt it to make a white wedding dress to add to the collection. Money is tight, and with 10 grandchildren, this was an easy gift, which I know she’ll love and have hours of fun with.

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